• your Success Partner..
    This is what you are looking for!!!
    Get insite of candidate resume. You can not only see
    what is written in resume
    but we give you hidden behavioural pattern of resumes.
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  • Hidden data points...
    Behaviour and compatibility match
    When doing skills matching add behavious and cultural parameters to your search.
    This ensure faster selection and job satisfaction for candidate.
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  • New form of Social Data
    Social data give intelligent information.
    TalentMeasured,is a pioneer in rendering Social data and
    converting it to a behavioural data of candidate.
    Match this with your current employee and increase job satisfaction.
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  • True enteprise class.
    Big data implementation of Social Data in Recruitment !!
    Make data work for you. Increase job satisfaction by making better match making of candidates.
  • What else included ?
    TalentMeasured is a Complete Package of Hr Solution!!
    Our Focus on Prediction on New Job Openings,Resume Screening on Job
    Title Basis & Behavioural Matches...
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TalentMeasured is your partner for Talent Behaviour Analysis.

TalentMeasured is an inspiration for highly motivated & experienced HR entrepreneurs from across the country. We have made our mark in the field of People Management Consulting in a very short duration. TalentMeasured means "Get the job as expected" in Finnish and this is how we partner for future and strengthen your growth.

We worked harder and evolved each day to provide the best talent to the World’s most exciting and game-changing companies.

Vision- Our Vision is to be the first choice of major enterprises by providing a superior blend of technology used for Talent Behaviour Analysis.

Action- We combine all your current employe data and employee social data to bring this wonderful analysis for you.

Passion- We process millions of records analyse them for you. And committed to update these results every fifteen days.

Innovation & Excellence- Our innovative sentimental analysis of employees will put you a step ahead before they resign.

Our Solution

Talent Analysis

TM is collecting knowledge from social networks, enterprise internal data including Assessment, Screening, Diversity, Coaching, etc., leading to an excellent Support and reducing the cost of HR analysis. It becomes critical for enterprises to think out-of-the-box and try a variety of innovative strategies to overcome attrition problems. Collectively these approaches seem to suggest TalentMeasured for extensive experience in behaviour analysis.

Predict Job Opening

Companies are always looking for ways to attract, engage and retain top talent, but it’s not always obvious who these people are. The investment in interviewing, training and development is enormous, and companies lose millions of dollars every year when they hire someone who turns out to be “a know it all”, a non-contributor or even worse, someone who’s dishonest and doesn’t follow through his/her commitments.

Predict candidates when they becomes active in job market

TalentMeasured is an expert Service that help companies to hire the perfect match for their job opening. Apart from this, We Predict relevant resume for a right job that contributes to finding the real talent fast. We assist Companies to attain the right candidate who has required expertise & skills to take up top level position in future.

Behavioral matching of Candidate and companies for better job satisfaction

We help enterprises to understand better; match an Individual's actual behaviors and find the best “fit” for a role is a part of our retained search process. It is a comprehensive approach that reveals to work with people from different cultural groups effectively, such as unique personalities, values, emotions, and moods. It seems obvious that when new employees enter into organizations, their stable or transient characteristics affect how they behave and perform.

Know About Our Product Launch

Currently We are doing Private beta, At Soon It will be in market.

Why we are better!!

Not Just a company, But a Team
  • We respect Our team work.
  • Predict The solution: Test The solution.
Balanced Approach
  • Balanced approach towards Resume screening, Attention to Current Hiring scenario, stepping stone for Hiring.
  • Place Right person on right place.
Expert Team
  • Professional Team in this domain
  • We are expert to design Customize HR Solution
  • We valued for client Investment.
Continuous Innovation
  • Continuous innovation in Research & Development.
  • Best technology used for TM Solution.